5 Different Ways To Do Bicycle Tool Surface Treatment

When we enjoy the pleasure of cycling travel or riding a bike, we hope that our favorite bike can be used for a longer time. We try to use suitable bike tools to repair the bicycle. Frankly speaking, the surface treatment of bike tool will influence the bike tool lifespan.

There are five types of bicycle tool surface treatment mode. The first is galvanized, the second is nickel plated, the third is chrome plated, the fourth is electrophoresis and the fifth is carbon black.

There is some different appearance for different bike tool surface treatment.

  • The galvanized surface will be a little white.
  • The nickel-plated surface will be slight yellow.
  • The carbon black treatment is the cheapest way and it is totally black without shine.
  • Electrophoresis surface treatment is also black color but it will never fade in color and it is beautiful with shine.
  • The fancy bike tool always use chrome-plated surface treatment.

All the special surface treatment will required MOQ such as 1000-5000 pcs. Some particular bike tools even have the color plated on the each bike tool parts.
The bike tool surface treatment will help the bicycle tool not rust and have a longer service life. It is necessary step in production of bike tool.

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